We designed the product for city and urban dwellers, as the Dolly bag has handles to lift off the trolley to place in a car and is an eco replacement for plastic and paper bags. It is ideal for a walk to the farmers market, a day shopping or at the beach, a picnic or as a city tote. 

Rear Zipper Pocket⇢


⇠Umbrella/Baguette Pocket

Mobile Phone Pocket⇢


Large Front Pockets
Adjustable buttoned Strap

Exterior & Interior Oilcloth
Handles to Carry Via Shoulders
Large Capacity
10 IN/ 25.4 CM  Inside Zipper Pocket

​​​​⇠​Front Zipper pocket

​​Height Extended: 36.2 in / 92 cm

Height Folded: 23.6 in / 60 cm

Capacity: 55 Lb (25 Kg)

Combined weight: ~7.5 Lb (3.4KG)

​Wheel diameter: 6.1 in / 15.5 cm

Design Selection: 5


​​​​​​​​Interior  & exterior Oilcloth

Drawstring Closure and flap

​Velcro & Slip Cover for Bag Removal

​Handles to Lift off Bag

​Foldable frame for storage

Easy Assembly

Water/Flowers Pocket⇢

Our tote bags have the same quality and robustness as or trolleys.  They too have oilcloth, cotton covered with PVC, for both the exterior and interior.  The tote was designed for functionality with a large inside zippered pocket and handles to enable carrying via one's shoulders.  The trolley has a removable base for stability and comes with a manufacturer warranty. Please view the current designs available.  


Height: 32 in / 81.2 cm
Width:  24 in / 60.9 cm
Weight:  ~ 1.5 Lb
Design Selection: 5


Height: 13.5 in / 34.3 cm
Width:  19 in / 48.3 cm
Depth: 8.75 in / 22 cm
Weight:  ~2.2 Lbs (1 Kg)
Design Selection: 5

​​The Dolly can be folded to fit into tight spaces while remaining robust, handling a large capacity of goods.  It has ample invisible zippered pockets on the front and back for your valuables and side pockets for your umbrella/baguette, mobile phone and flowers/bottles water.  Dolly is incredibly durable and has a removable base for added stability.  It comes with a manufacturer warranty and can be cleaned with soap and water.  Please view the current designs available for the trolleys.

Our aprons are again similar to our trolleys and tote bags and will be available online soon.   They are made with oilcloth, cotton covered with PVC, designed for functionality and durability and comes with a manufacturer warranty. Please view the designs selection once available.