The branding is my own artwork and I have chosen oilcloth, which is a printed cotton with PVC coating, for my prime fabric for its durability, waterproofing, and originality for both the interior and exterior.  I want to keep with fun, colorful, and original images in every product so I start each design with a watercolor painting and then transfer the images to digital. The interior of all Dollies is my branded gingham.

Watercolor Images

'Schlep' – to carry clumsily or with great difficulty; to lug.

The Alternatives

And so the story of “Dolly” begins with a trolley I bought in Paris 20 years ago. It was a cute green with white polka dots and I was stopped everywhere by people asking me where I bought it.  My trolley and I ventured out most days, especially of the weekends, enabling my friends and I to enjoy the day without having to dash home to drop off my purchases (and theirs)!  When a friend sent me a link to two well known designer's trolleys in 2014, I knew it was time to create and introduce a mid-market trendy, functional and affordable alternative; say hello to “Dolly”!

Our Story

Digitized Images

'Schlepping' is an activity I endured as a Londoner, before I knew an alternative. I’d often have to chase fallen goods from torn bags, strain my back/arms from carrying too much, and certainly did not look glamorous! On a rainy day, I’d choose between soaked purchases or me, or hail a taxi, if you can get one, and sent my play-money on fares!  I converted once I purchased my first shopping trolley.